Lyft vs Uber-Which is the best ride sharing service?

There will be certain dilemma when you have multiple options to choose especially if you have to spend some money or avail a service. Such thing happens when you look out for a ride service. Uber and Lyft has been market leaders and has largest customer base in ride sharing industry. One might be under the impression that Lyft and Uber are virtually same. But sometimes one offer cheaper ride than the other and often both has nearly similar pricing.  You can also observe that when Uber is on surge pricing, Lyft is not and vice versa.

So , which ride service is better?  This question should be applied to two categories of people who use their service, i.e  Riders and Drivers.


For riders it is more of what kind of riding experience they like to have. Although most of the services provided by Lyft and Uber are same for riders , there are very minor differences in the culture they adapted to treat passangers. It seems that Lyft drivers are more friendly and cool with their passengers. But here is the caveat, the warmth or gentleness of a driver depends on how he is treated by the company. Uber drivers have to wait for passengers to arrive and then start the trip even if a passenger takes longer time to arrive, due to this  driver loses most of the time waiting for passengers and the loss will be significant during surge hours. This makes Uber drivers frustrated quite often and will be reflected in their receiving passengers. But Lyft allows the driver to start their trip after two minutes of arriving at location. Even though it is not a significant difference but it makes passenger’s experience quite comfortable or in other case irritating.

Uber’s presence is high compared to that of Lyft. So getting a uber in many cities is more probable than getting  a Lyft ride. And Uber has number of varieties  of cars which are as below :

*Dallas Fort Worth fare break down

Base Fare Min Fare Booking Fee  Per Minute Per Mile Cancellation Total**
 Uber X  $1.00  $5.50  $1.70  $0.10  $0.85  $0.00  $9 – $12
 Uber XL $2.50 $6.45  $1.70  $0.20  $1.35  $0.00 $14-19
Uber Select  $3.50  $9.20  $1.70  $0.25  $1.85  $0.00 $19-24
 Uber Black  $7.00  $15.00           –  $0.35
 $10.00  $32-41
 Uber SUV  $14.00  $25.00           – $0.45
 $10.00  $43-54

There is also “UberPool” , which is most economical , in many cities.  Other varieties that exist only in certain cities are:

Uber WAV: Wheel Chair Access vehicles

Uber Assist: Uber X with extra assistance

** Total is based on taking a 5 mile ride in Dallas Fort Worth area.

Due to it’s variety of cars and huge presence , Uber caters to many kinds of people. But that alone doesn’t make Uber a better choice. Even though Uber has huge fleet , most of the passengers wants to get from one place to the other, hassle free. And Lyft provides that basic service more efficiently. Even though it has less number of varieties of cars, it serves the purpose of a rider very well and is no less than uber when it comes to rider satisfaction.   Below are the Lyft Varieties and their approx fares.

*New York City fare break down

Initial Cost  Service Fee  Price Per Min  Price Per Mile  Min Ride Cost  Cancellation  Total**
 Standard  $2.50  $0  $0.35  $1.79  $8 $10  $22.28
 Lyft Plus  $3.50  $0  $0.50  $2.97  $12  $10  $35
 Premier  $7  $0  $0.64  $3.77  $15  $10  $47
 Lyft Line  $2.50  $0  $0.35  $1.79  $6 $5  Less than $22.28

** Total is based on taking a 6 mile ride in New York City

In terms of Referral/promo benefits both compete very well but as of now Lyft gives more sign up benefits than Uber. If you are a first time user for Lyft, you can use below promo code to avail $50 worth free ride credits.


Uber also gives sign up credits but it is way less than what Lyft is providing right now. You can check out the uber promo codes here


Both Uber and Lyft compete well in terms of pricing and ride service. Uber  has upper hand as to varieties of services/cars and Lyft gives more friendlier and community oriented feeling for rider. But ultimately it is the ride’s choice  to choose which kind of benefits/services are currently needed for them. And the service may differ from city to city.


It makes a lot of difference for drivers when choosing between Lyft and Uber.

  1. Currently Lyft pays better cut to drivers compared with what uber pays.  Uber takes a huge cut from the fare.
  2. And tipping is one of the nicest thing that Lyft has integrated in their App. A user can tip the driver within 24 hours after completing the ride.
  3. Tipping is quite common , so users are more likely to tip if a driver can maintain good rating and treat the passenger well.
  4. Uber doesn’t encourage tipping and explicitly states that passenger is not required to tip the drives
  5. But due to Uber’s larger presence , more rides are possible for a driver.
  6. Anyhow , as Lyft pays more than uber , Drive will have ride minimum per day.
  7. When a new driver signup for Lyft, the bonuses are very good. In few cities bonus amount is huge. Make sure you use promo/referral code during sing up.
  8. For driver promo code, please use the code below to get more than $500 bonus.                                                                                                                                                  screen-shot-2016-10-18-at-10-02-58-am
  9. When it comes to driver rating system, Lyft allows a driver to defend the rating. That is really helpful for drivers when they come across a cranky passenger
  10. Uber has variety of cars/services to sign up for , like Uber Black, SUV, WAV  and many more. So new drivers has more options to choose a service.
  11. But looks like uber pool rides are better compared with that of Lyft Line. Lyft doesn’t give choice to  the driver to add a  passenger to “Lyft Line” en route where as Uber Pool gives a choice which is good when a driver doesn’t want to include many people due to any unwanted circumstances.


Right now it seems that Lyft is more driver friendly. But it is up to the driver to choose which suits their needs. It is better to sign up for both and see which gives a better experience and pay.


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